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PR14-30 September 2014
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PRP Tire has a vast inventory of Certified Used Tires in all OTR sizes. Quality certified used tires have been the cornerstone of PRP focus for many years. All of our certified used tires have been inspected by the retread facility and come with a warranty that puts your mind at ease. While always having something in stock to cover your needs has always been our specialty, we are always looking to buy casings and used tires. Please contact us for further details or if you think you have something that we may be interested in.

Polar Rubber Certified Used Tires

PRP Tire is proud to offer Polar Rubber Certified Used Tires. All tires are subjected to PRP Tire’s ridged 5 point ISO Certified process thus enabling Polar to offer the best certified used tires.

The Polar Rubber Certified Used Tire has a three tier grading system. We used Gold, Silver and Bronze to rate the overall condition of the tire. As all of our Tires are Polar Rubber Certified Used Tires the grade scale just gives you another reference as how to utilize the tires. Our 100,000 sq./ft. facility processes many thousands of tires annually and this experience sets Polar Rubber Certified Used Tires above all our competitors.

  • GOLD – High tread used tire; our Gold tires are slightly worn and have higher tread, smooth even tread wear and would be suitable in any wheel position of any machine.
  • SILVER– A good all around tire; these tires have medium to high tread, may show a few more cosmetic marks and may have repairs limiting them to certain wheel positions on certain machines.
  • BRONZE – These tires have low to medium tread, may show more cosmetic cuts and abrasions but will provide the optimal options for matching up existing tires on machines.

As stated above all tires Gold, Silver and Bronze are subject to the same ridged 5 point ISO Certified process allowing us to Guarantee every tire that we sell. All these features make buying our Certified Used Tires economic, environmental, risk free and a very easy choice as your preferred certified used tire supplier.

Polar Retreading

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Polar Certified Used Tires

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